Used TTP LabTech ComPILER

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The TTP LabTech comPILER is a sample preparation module to be used in conjunction with the comPOUND small molecule library storage system. In its self-contained platform isolated from the laboratory environment, it can sequentially array, thaw, centrifuge, decap and recap, argon purge, integrate with a liquid handler, and re-store up to 60,000 microtube samples per day. One comPILER can interface with multiple comPOUND stores for superior walk-away operation and maximum throughput.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
8002799TecanFreedom EVO-2 200 BaseLiquid HandlingAutomated Liquid Handler
8002801BioMicroLabVolumeCheck 384ArrayArray
8002802BioMicroLabVolumeCheck 100ArrayArray
8002803HPCompaqComputer / ITComputer
8002804DellPrecision T1650Computer / ITComputer