Used Amersham Biosciences / GE Healthcare AKTA FPLC System

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The AKTA FPLC presents a complete integrated FPLC system used for laboratory-scale purification of proteins and peptides. Its p-920 pump generates flow rates from .05 to 20 mL/min at a maximum pressure of 5 MPa. Its standard UV-900 detector reads wavelengths of 254 and 280 nm, but the FPLC system can be customized to read wavelengths between 214 and 546 nm. Also, it is compatible with the FRAC-900 or FRAC-950 fraction collector, which can be outfitted with different racks depending on the desired tube size. It is operated by UNICORN 5 software, which boasts quick, efficient analysis with automatic configuration for parameters such as column volume, flow rate, and pressure limit. With this, the AKTA FPLC proves it is a machine able to work independently from its busy scientist while continuing to generate accurate, fast results.

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8002458Amersham Biosciences / GE HealthcareFrac-950ChromatographyFraction Collector
8002459GECU-950Computer / ITAccessory
8002460Amersham Biosciences / GE HealthcareAccessoriesChromatographyAccessory