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The Boreal Genomics OnTarget is a molecular enrichment system optimized for detecting and quantifying minute concentrations of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). It utilizes synchronous thermal-electrophoretic separation techniques to select signal ctDNA in sample concentrations as low as 0.01% and compares results against an extensive reference library and internal controls for utmost accuracy. Its enrichment efficiency and precision produces target DNA signal-to-noise ratios as high as 1000:1 for even cleaner sequencing and analysis. Also, it can detect up to 100 mutations without sample splitting, producing a wealth of results. The OnTarget possesses the sensitivity and power to streamline the sequencing workflow and accelerate therapy selection, disease detection, and drug development programs.

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Includes manual, computer, and accessories as pictured.

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8001698DellVostro 2420 ComputerComputer / ITComputer
8001699Boreal GenomicsAccessoriesArrayArray