Used Eppendorf Repeater Plus

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Automatically recognizes your tip selection and displays the dispensing volume. Quickly and accurately dispense up to 100 times without refilling!
Use the new REPEATER PLUS pipettor with any EPPENDORF COMBITIP� PLUS to accurately dispense a precise volume with each downward stroke of the pipetting lever�every time! One filling of the pipettor will give you up to 100 repetitive dispensings. The REPEATER PLUS provides a significant increase in efficiency while minimizing individual filling and dispensing steps. You�ll experience fewer contamination problems and carryover errors. The REPEATER PLUS is designed for comfortable one-hand operation; featuring secure, snap-in tip mounting and one-touch tip ejection for convenient handling.
A dial at the top of the pipettor lets you select twenty dispensing volumes for each tip (see the table below for complete specifications). The clear, digital display automatically indicates the volume corresponding to the tip and dial setting selected. The maximum number of repeats for each tip is 100 at the lowest volume setting; the minimum number of repeats is 5 at the highest volume setting.