Used Postnova Analytics AF2000 MT

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The Postnova Analytics AF2000 MT is an advanced, high-performance asymmetric FFF system. It maximizes performance and efficiency with a unique design, including a special flow channel and syringe pump cross-flow control. The special flow channel uses a channel catridge and channel holder to enable fast and easy exchange of membrane and system cleaning procedures. The AF2000-MT also ensures precise separation conditions using a unique dual syringe pump module with non-pulsing cross-flow delivery.

Additionally the AF2000 MT functions as a completely integrated one-box-system to promote ease-of-use and improve system handling.

Temperature range: 5 to 80 degrees Celsius
Measurement range: 1 nm to 100 micrometer particles; 500 DA to 1012 DA polymers
Volume: 0.5-2.5 mL
Channel flow range: 0-10 mL/min
Cross flow range: 0-8.5 mL/min
Pressure limit: 0-35 bar

Components Included

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