Used Amersham Biosciences / GE Healthcare Storm 860

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The Amersham Bioscience/ GE Healthcare Storm 860 is a high-performance gel and blot imaging system for filmless autoradiography, fluorescence, and chemifluorescence imaging. It offers a wide exposure range and five orders of linear dynamic range to ensure precise results on the first exposure.

The Storm 860 also features direct red and blue-excited fluorescence to produce rapid and accurate quantitation. This direct fluorescence enables visualization and analysis of nucleic acid and protein gels minutes after electrophoresis is complete.

Scan area: 35 x 43 cm
Sensitivity (limit of detection): less than 2 dpm/mm2 for 14C (200 and 100 micrometers only) using GP screen in an one-hour exposure.
Dimensions: 29.9″ W x 29.9″ D x 15.0″ H

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Includes Image Eraser and manuals as pictured.

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