Used Beckman Coulter Navios B47903

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The Navios B47903 (catalog number: A52101) is a highly-accurate clinical flow cytometer with a 6 color + 2 laser configuration.

Laser configuration: 6 Color + 2 Laser (B5-R1)
Lasers: 488 nm solid state laser, 638 nm solid state laser
Detection: photodiode for forward and side-scatter detection; photomultiplier tubes for fluorescence
Regulatory status: IVD, CE
Throughput: 80 tubes per hour, 10,000 events per second
Dimensions: 37.5” w x 27.6” d x 23.8” h

Item-Specific Notes:
Stock photos used as all items are still in manufacturer packaging. System includes: Navios Compressor-A68236 Reagent Cart, A68675 Navios 6/2 Accessories Kit, 774954 Navios Software Kit, Computer, Monitor and Printer

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2032639Beckman CoulterNavios Compressor-A68236 Reagent CartCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2032640Beckman CoulterA68675 Navios 6/2 Accessories KitCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2032641Beckman Coulter774954 Navios Software KitCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2032642DTx90498 ComputerComputer / ITComputer
2032643LexMarkC746n Color Laser Printer Computer / ITPrinter
2032644ASUSVS247 Flat Screen MonitorComputer / ITMonitor