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The JSAN DCS-260R Desktop Cell Sorter provides a high performance and reliable platform for exceptional analytical and sorting capabilities. It offers four different laser options with wavelengths ranging from UV to deep red.

Using improved detection optics, it detects a wide variety of fluorescent signals with enhanced sensitivity and resolution. Each excitation laser corresponds with a fiber optic positioned immediately adjacent to the unique hybrid flow cell. These fiber optics collect and direct the fluorescent signals from each laser to the detectors for that laser to minimize any crosstalk and allow the laser beams to be positioned very closely to each other.

The JSAN DCS-260R also expands the range of multicolor analysis with an advanced detection design and user-selectable filters. Optical filters are industry standard size (1 inch or 25 mm round filters). A digital signal processor and digital log conversion circuit convert detect optical signals into 20-bit signals to be precisely shown on four/six decade plot. This processing eliminates data dissociations, especially in the plot areas close to the axes.

The JSAN DCS-260R Desktop Cell Sorter meets unique sorting needs by offering three different modes: normal, high recovery, and high purity. Each mode sets the number of droplets (one, two, or three) to meet specific requirements for sort purity and recovery. The unit can measure up to 20,000 events per second and provides superior sorting at a sheath pressure of only 30 psi to prevent damage of sorted cells.

The compatible OptiDrop software monitors, regulates, and detects errors in droplet and stream parameters to enable faster setup and more reliable results. Additionally the OptiDelay provides automated drop delay control to maintain high sorting stability and accuracy.

These settings can be quickly and easily adjusted using AppSan software. AppSan can control multiple functions for selecting data display types, analysis operations, and display of statistical analysis. This also includes the choice of multiple user sign-in accounts, data file naming and sorting options, data acquisition, sorting initiation and terminations, local gating, sort window definition choices, and data printing or exporting.

Blue (first laser): 488 nm, greater than or equal to 20 mW solid-state laser
Red (second laser): 638 nm, greater than or equal to 20mW semiconductor laser
Violet (third laser): 405 nm, greater than or equal to 50 mW semiconductor laser
UV (optional): 375 nm, greater than or equal to 16 mW semiconductor laser

Fluorescence sensitivity: 200MESF using SPHERO Rainbow Calibrite Particles
Fluorescence resolution: CV less than 3.0%
Signal resolution: 1024/4096 channels per each parameter
Maximum sorting speed: 20,000 cells per second
Sorting resolution: 256 x 256, 65.536 points
Electrical requirements: 100 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz
JSAN main body dimensions: 26.2″ D x 37.5″ W x 24.8″ H
JSAN main body weight: 286.6 lbs
Pump unit dimensions (vacuum chamber with compressor): 15.4 D x 23.6 W x 16.1″ H
Pump unit weight: 88.2 lbs
Tank unit dimensions (Fluids cart): 12.2″ D x 23.6″ W x 16.1″ H
Tank unit weight :33.1 lbs

Item-Specific Notes:
System includes fluidics cart, vacuum chamber with compressor, and power supply as pictured.

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2032449Bay bioscienceJSAN DCS-260R Desktop Cell Sorter Fluidics CartCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2032450Bay bioscienceJSAN DCS-260R Desktop Cell Sorter Vacuum ChamberCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2032451Bay bioscienceJSAN DCS-260R Desktop Cell Sorter Power SupplyCell Counting / SortingAccessory