Used ABgene ALPS-300

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The ALPS-300, originally manufactured by ABgene, is a microplate heat sealer designed for automated and high throughput applications. This instrument accommodates the sealing of a wide range of plates differing in well count and plate height. Sealing rates of 6 plates per minute can accommodate workflow and applications requiring high throughput. With the help of robotics integration, up to 5,000 plates can be processed automatically without the need for user intervention. The dimensions for this unit, 25(L) x 11(W) x 16(H) in, make is slightly larger than later ALPS-3000 models. These compact dimensions, however, are well suited for bench tops and robotic integration. The instrument is suited for integration with automated components in addition to plate handlers, including optional foot operation. An interactive menu controls all operations of the instrument, making easy and intuitive handling.