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The Guava PC flow cytometer gives easy access for the cell biologist to in-depth cell analysis. Applications for this instrument are diverse, including the primary use for cell counting, but also for more in-depth studies of immune function and drug discovery. Microcapillary technology gives a high level of precision while also limiting waste that other instruments would create, providing the efficiency in resources that separates this device from other flow cytometers. Specifically, when left to run for a normal eight hour day, the Guava PC has a waste volume of less than 50 mL.

The optics system built into this instrument includes its primary forward scatter photo (FSC) and side scatter (SSC) diodes pointing directly and perpendicularly, respectively, to where the laser is intersecting the liquid stream. It features single-color excitation with a 532 nm green laser. Also included are green (532 nm), red (680 nm), and yellow (583 nm) fluorescence detectors. These allow for the detection of various properties of the cells crossing the path of the laser, including the volume of the cells (for FSC) and interior characteristics of the passing cells (SSC).

A capillary design accommodates very small sample sizes. This is due to the microcapillary flow created in the Guava PC that eliminates the need for sheath fluid. Sample sizes can be lower than 20 uL, leading to the minimal waste discussed. With reduced volumes in sample sizes, the overall size of the unit has also been reduced. This creates not only efficiency in resources, but in efficient use of laboratory bench space. This system can handle 96-well microplates or up to 10 sample tubes.

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Includes computer as pictured. Note system may need a new flow cell.

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