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The SPECTRAmax Gemini XS by Molecular Devices is a high performance spectrofluorometer ideal for binding studies (cellular and molecular), nucleic acid quantitation, drug screening, genotyping analysis, and cytotoxicity assays, among other applications. This dual scanning microplate platform features two monochromators that provide selection in 1 nm increments, as well as a sensitivity of 0.5 fmol per well. With this wavelength scanning technology, the optimal combination of excitation wavelengths and emission wavelengths necessary for any investigation are selectable between 360 nm to 850 nm and 250 nm to 850 nm, respectively. Fluorescence studies can be performed in both Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) mode, and the unit also has top and bottom Fluorescence Intensity (FI) capabilities. Additionally, a luminescence glow reading mode is available for added versatility.

For maximum sensitivity, particularly in cell based assays, the Gemini XS features a well scanning feature that reports on either an individual data point from the center of the well or from several points from larger wells of tissue culture plates. The unit also provides an Auto PMT Gain feature designed to prevent the photomultiplier tube from saturating due to the high order of fluorescence magnitudes (in excess of the order of three) present in a single microplate. This is achieved by calibrating the signal against an internal standard. For convenience, the platform has an integrated shaker for pre-scan mixing, and also includes an incubator with a heating range of 4 C above ambient to 45 C. Read times for this spectrofluorometer are less than 27 seconds for 96 wells and less than 45 seconds for 384 wells. The Gemini XS is a powerful and efficient unit, ideal for a wide range of applications.

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