Used Sorvall RC-5B

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The Sorval RC-5B is a refrigerated centrifuge made for floor space. The rotor of this centrifuge can reach high speeds of 20,000 rpm (maximum) while maintaining relatively quiet operation. This quiet and efficient operation makes it well suited for clinical applications. The rotor of the RC-5B is controlled with an angular velocity knob, time knob, and simple on/off switch. Multiple rotor options are compatible with the RC-5B, including swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors. The rotor is powered by a universal motor. Braking functions are built into the structure to ensure safe acceleration. Designed to provide easy operation, the system is built with automatic programmed acceleration and braking that aid in lowering vibrations of the whole unit during high speed operation.

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes SS-34 rotor as pictured.