Used Elga PF3XXXXM1-US

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The Elga PURELAB Flex 3 filters tap water into Ultrapure Type 1 water in one step. The PURELAB Flex 3 can filter up to 10 L in 8 hours and dispense up to 2 L/min. The ergonomic handset has a digital screen showing the purity of the water and allows the user to select the dispense volume. The PURELAB Flex 3 provides real-time TOC monitoring and absolute water purity up to 18.2 MegaOhms – cm.

Bacteria:<0.1 CFU/ml (<1 CFU/10ml)
Endotoxins:<0.001 EU/ml
DNase:<20 pg/ml
RNase: 0.002 ng/ml