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The FACSAria, manufactured by Becton Dickinson (BD), is an easy-to-use and stand-alone flow cytometer. This instrument performs all tasks without accompaniment and without a need for strict environmental control. This flow cytometer is capable of high-speed sorting without the use of water-cooled lasers. With an analytical system that eliminates the need for special room conditions, requirements for space and attention are dramatically reduced for the operator. This instrument is compact enough to be used on lab benchtops, and with easy set-up and execution of experiments, multicolor analysis is easily conducted without the need for an experienced operator. The Aria provides further efficiency with fast and accurate results.

The optical system of the Aria is capable of acquiring up to 15 independent signals thanks to built-in octagon and trigon shaped collection devices that are capable of detecting a respective seven and three fluorescent colors. With the ability to detect forward scattered (FSC) light for molecular volume properties, there are 15 total signals to be detected. The need for instrument optimization is eliminated due to all optical components being fixed, including the alignment of lasers and core sample stream within the cuvette. With the operator free from such tedious maintenance and optimization tasks, attention can be focused on more pertinent responsibilities.

Low-powered lasers provide the instrument with highly sensitive signal detection because of the fixed-alignment of the optical system. This fixed system makes high-powered lasers unnecessary, meaning lower-powered, air-cooled lasers can be used. The only disadvantage to these lasers is that signal detection can be less efficient; to overcome this, the speed of the stream flowing through the cuvette is reduced. In this way, fluorophores are more easily saturated and thus can be detected. A special gel-coupling cuvette flow cell is used, collecting at least four times as much light as the stream-in-air alternative. This, again, facilitates greater signal detection. Because the instrument does not rely on high-power and accompanying cooling systems, the cost and space required for conducting research is greatly reduced.

The Aria is designed to facilitate rapid detection and automation of many procedures. Illustrating this speed in detection is a maximum acquisition rate by the optical system of 70,000 events per second. Fast detection rates are accompanied by automated features that allow for fast completion while the operator is away, as well as safeguards to protect equipment. Important to walk-away functionality is stream monitoring: when the end of the sample stream is detected, the instrument is automatically made to stop the sorting process. This ensures the protection of collection tubes. Beyond protecting equipment, the fluidics system of the instrument ensures that equipment is cleaned between each operation. The sample injection chamber is designed with the ability to flush the tubing with sheath fluid for washing after the sample tube is removed. These automated features ensure reliable results and reduce operator responsibilities, creating an instrument well suited for fast-paced research environments.

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