Used Olympus IX51

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Olympus IX51 Inverted Epi-Fluorescence Research Microscope with equipped for Reflected Light only with a QIClick 1.4MB Cooled CCD Scientific Camera including Software, functional Dell Imaging Computer and Monitor. This is a Powerful Research Microscope and Imaging System. It includes a selection of Fluorescent Optimized Objectives. There is a dual illumination device with a Thor Labs Green Collimated LED and two different Thor Labs LED Drivers. The Modular Design makes it expandable for your future requirements and the IX71 is known the world over for its Quality and Reliability. This instrument would be great for a Bioengineering Facility or general Fluorescence Research.

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes computer, MicroFire camera, power supplies, accessories, and (4) objectives as pictured.
1) UPlanFL N 4x/0.13PhP∞/-/FN22 UIS2
2) CAch N 10x/0.25 PhP∞/-/FN22 UIS2
3)LUCPlanFL N 20x/0.45 Ph1∞/0-2/FN22
4) LCAch N 40x/0.55 PhP∞/1/FN22 UIS2

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2029580OlympusBH2-RFL-T3MicroscopyPower Supply
2029581OlympusTL4MicroscopyPower Supply
2029582DellPrecision 390Computer / ITComputer
2029583DellE1910HcComputer / ITMonitor