Used Life Technologies Ion Proton Sequencer

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The Ion Proton Sequencer is a rapid, high-throughput benchtop sequencing system. This system can be a valuable tool in your research lab, as it is able to minimize the cost and the complexity of high throughput sequencing and it can be used for human-scale genome, exome, and transcriptome sequencing.

The Ion Proton sequencing system combines semi-conductor sequencing technology and natural biochemistry. This amalgam between technology and biochemistry renders the Ion Proton capable of unprecedented level of scalability and flexibility for all sequencing needs. However, this does not mean that the Ion Proton is a complex unit to use. Staying true to simple natural sequencing, the Ion Proton eliminates the necessity for complex sequencing chemistry and overpriced optics thus making this a very user-friendly and affordable system. Further, the Ion Proton system can be modulated with additional components, such as the Ion Torrent Server and other library builder systems, that allows the end user to generate high-quality sequencing results from DNA library variants.

The Ion Proton Sequencer is ideal for almost every lab. It features fast high-throughput next generation sequencing workflow that allow for a high number of complete sequencing runs per week, simple semiconductor sequencing workflows, proven Ion semiconductor sequencing in a low-cost platform, and integrated tools for tertiary analysis all in a small benchtop footprint that is ideal for your laboratory.

The Ion Proton provides rapid, high-throughput sequencing at an affordable price that is accessible for all labs.