Used Nikon Dual-Head Stereo Microscope

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The Nikon SMZ 800 Continuous Zoom Microscope is designed for excellent image quality and ergonomics. This particular instrument is configured as a Teaching Microscope with Dual Side-by-Side Binocular Viewing Tubes and the optional built-in Red/Green Illuminated pointer. Focusing Eyepieces are provided so as to compensate for the differences between the operator’s and observer’s eyes. It comes with an intermediate Phototube, 0.5X C mount and 3.0MP USB Digital Camera (Model of camera unknown and functionality not guaranteed. No software provided.) The Large, Heavy Flat Base Stand has the Dual Knob Focusing Block attached and a Heavy Duty Integrated Hand Crank Assembly for Easy Coarse Vertical Positioning of the Teaching Head. The 1X Objective Lens and Wide Field 10X Eyepieces provide continuous magnifications from 10X to 63X. This an ideal instrument for Training, Discussion, Inspection and Quality Control purposes in Biological Laboratories, Biotech and Medical Device Manufacturing at a very attractive price! This instrument is in Excellent Condition.

Item-Specific Notes:
Nikon SMZ 800 Stereomicroscope body

P-THSS Teaching Head

P-THS Teaching Head Stand

Y-THP Light Pointer ( Y-THA AC Adapter and power cable missing. Available from OEM.)

P-IBSS2 Phototube

LV-TV Adapter

Diagnostics Instruments 0.5X C Mount Adapter

(2) P-BT Binocular Viewing Tubes

(3) CW10XB/22 Focusing Eyepieces

(1) CW10XB/22 Fixed Eyepiece

Plan 1X Objective