Used Becton Dickinson FACSCanto 2

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The BD FACSCanto II is a reliable benchtop analyzer that has stemmed from more than 20 years of pioneering innovation in flow cytometry and multicolor analysis. The BD FACSCanto II prides itself on its ease of use and ability to provide proven performance, accuracy and high-quality results. Reap the benefits of supreme flexibility by configuring with two or three lasers to detect up to eight colors.

Featured with the BD FACSCanto II is a fluidics system that has a fixed alignment flow cell that helps to minimize start-up time and improve reproducibility. An innovative optical system uses a patented design for maximized signal detection and increased sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolor assay. It goes without saying that the BD FACSCanto II elevates flow cytometry and multicolor analysis to a new level in order to guide researchers through meeting complex challenges and advancing their research. Take advantage of these innovations by implementing one of the most robust and versatile benchtop analyzers for your clinical and research applications.

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