Used Zeiss Axio Imager Z2

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This Axio Imager Z2 is an Innovative and Modular Biological Microscopy Platform for all of your Research requirements and applications. Components are available to upgrade this instrument for all optical techniques. The Z2 model has the most motorized components available of the various AxioImager models and is designed to be freely configurable and computer controllable for sophisticated Automated Image Analysis Applications. It has the Highest Precision Motorized Focus available (10nm Step Size.) This is Ideal for Laser Scanning Confocal or Deconvolution techniques. The motorized functions can be Computer Controlled but perhaps more importantly, allow for simple Push Button or Touch Screen input by the operator for Ease of Use. Ergonomics and Minimizing Repetitive Motion issues are very important when using microscopes for long periods of time. An Intelligent Light Manager allows the stand to automatically adjust the apertures, condenser and light levels to the way you prefer for each objective. You can Change Objectives and Optimize your Illumination with a Single Touch on the Screen! This particular instrument was originally configured for an automated Genetic Karyotyping/ FISH system with Bright Field Objectives. It features a Manual Stage Stage with X/Y low position controls. It also features an 89 North PhotoFluor LM-75 Metal Halide Fluorescence Light Source. This light source is brighter at the most commonly utilized wavelengths for fluorescence microscopy than a 100W Mercury light source. The bulbs are guaranteed to last 1500 Hours and Typically go up to 2000. No alignment of the bulb is ever necessary. It includes a binocular phototube and a 2/3”C Mount camera adapter. A MetaSystems CoolCube 1M 1.4MP Cooled Monochrome Camera is included but there is no software for the camera so we cannot guarantee this camera’s functionality . THIS INSTRUMENT DOES NOT INCLUDE TRANSMITTED LIGHT EQUIPMENT BUT A HALOGEN LAMP HOUSE AND CONDENSER COULD BE ADDED FOR THIS.

Item-Specific Notes:
Zeiss Axio Imager Z2 Motorized, encoded stand with Motorized Nosepiece, , Motorized Focus, Motorize Diaphragms, Programmable Push Button Controls and Touch Screen Display panel.

6 Position Motorized Fluorescent Reflector Turret with 6 Chroma Filter Sets as follows:

49303 Green#1 FISH

49000 ET-DAPI


49306-ET-RED#1 FISH


59022 Dual Band EGFP/mCherry (or FITC/TxRed)

Binocular Phototube w/ (2) PL 10X/23 Eyepieces

MetaSystems CoolCube 1M digital Camera

A Plan 10X/0.25 Objective

Plan-Apo 63X/1.40 Oil Objective

Plan-Neofluar 100X/1.30 Oil Objective

89 North PhotroFluor LM-75 Metal Halide Light Source

Microscope Power Supply 110/230V

Mechanical Stage with Specimen Holder

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