Used Beckman Coulter Optima XL-100K Ultracentrifuge

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The Beckman Optima XL-100K is a powerful yet energy-efficient ultracentrifuge with extra considerations towards safety and ease of use. Its standard 100 Ti rotor is built from titanium, providing extra strength and chemical resistance compared to aluminum rotors; it proves this by reaching a staggering maximum of 100,000 rpm and a centrifugal force of 802,000 g.

Even with this high-output, the system manages to be environmentally-friendly with an air-cooled drive that eliminates the need for coolants or chlorofluorocarbons. The drive is also tolerant of small loading imbalances to protect against minor operation errors. Other safety controls include a circuit breaker and a key interlock switch for normal, locked, and zonal operation.

Its onboard software is both advanced and intuitive with easy navigation and setup. It also features a digital display monitor and a built-in printer to help quickly record results. These convenient features in addition to its power make the Optima XL-100K a heavy-duty centrifuge to keep up with even the most rigorous of laboratories.

Item-Specific Notes:
– 100 Ti, 70 Ti, SW 41 Ti, SW 28 rotors

– Additional centrifuge tubes, manuals, tools, inserts

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2028638Beckman70 TiCentrifugesRotor
2028639BeckmanSW 41 TiCentrifugesRotor
2028640BeckmanSW 28CentrifugesRotor
2028641BeckmanType 100 Ti RotorCentrifugesRotor