Used Olympus CKX31SF

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The Olympus CKX31 Inverted Microscope is ideally suited for a wide range of routine applications including Tissue Culture, Embryology, Immunology and Pharmacology. The Infinity Corrected Optical System provided Bright, Clear, High Contrast images of your cells. The Pre-Centered Phase Contrast Condenser requires no adjustment, even when switching objectives. Its Compact Size and Small Footprint reserves valuable bench space and allows for use in fume hoods. This instrument is in Like-New Condition and includes a special Long Working Distance 40X Phase objective.

Item-Specific Notes:
CAch N 10x/0.25 PhP∞/-/FN22 W.D. 8.8mm

2)LCAch N 20x/0.40 PhP∞/1/FN22 W.D. 3.2 MM

3)LCAch N 40x/0.55 PhP∞/1/FN22 W.D. 2.2MM

LWD 0.30NA Condenser, 72MM Working Distance, Detachable for large objects such as Roller Bottles

IX2-SLP Phase Contrast Slider with pre-centered diaphragms for 4X, 10X, 20X and 40X Objectives

30W Halogen Illuminator

35MM Petri Dish Holder

Dust Cover

Components Included

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