Used Bio-Rad BioLogic DuoFlow Maximizer System

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System includes BioLogic DuoFlow F10 Workstation, BioLogic Maximizer Valve System, BioLogic AVR7-3 Automated Sample Injection Valve, Bio-Rad SV5-4 Select Valve, BioLogic BioFrac Fraction Collector, Computer, and accessories as pictured.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2028185Bio-RadBioLogic DuoFlowChromatographyFPLC System
2028186Bio-RadBioLogic MaximizerChromatographyValve
2028187Bio-RadBioLogic BioFracLiquid HandlingFraction Collector
2028188DellOptiplex XEComputer / ITComputer