Used Air Clean Systems AC632LFUV PCR Workstation

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AirClean®Systems PCR workstations allow you to maintain a Class 100 clean air environment during PCR preparation. Workstations have a built-in 254 nm ultraviolet light that allows the operator to irradiate tubes, flasks and pipettes between amplifications for optimal protection from sample contamination. . The 254 nm ultraviolet light will effectively destroy potentially contaminating DNA and RNA within minutes.The workstations feature a unique interlocking sash with a safety overlap to prevent gaps. The sash also has a safety switch that automatically turns off the ultraviolet light and activates the blower and fluorescent light when the sash is raised. This revolutionary uni-body design provides unmatched user protection from harmful ultraviolet rays during the sterilization process. HEPA filtered units have a built-in monitoring system to alert the user when to change the HEPA filter.