Used VWR Symphony B40PCID

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The VWR B40PCID is a multi-purpose meter for aqueous solutions. Its measurement modes include pH/mV/ORP, conductivity, ISE, and dissolved oxygen. It can store up to 5 calibration points and, in some modes, automatically adjusts for sample temperature and measurement resolution.

pH: -2 – 19, adjustable resolution of 0.1 to 0.001
ORP: 2000 mV, resolution of 0.1 mV
Conductivity: .001 microSiemens/cm – 1000 milliSiemens/cm, auto-range resolution
Resistivity: 1 ohm – 1000 Megaohms
ISE: 10-5– 10-1mol/L, automatic blank correction, up to 4 calibration curves
Dissolved oxygen: 0.00 – 60 mg/L (0-600%), automatic temperature compensation and salinity correction

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes SympHony Dissolved Oxygen Probe (DO Probe, BNC).

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2027782VWR89231-624 ProbeMeterAccessory