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The high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems from Shimadzu are modular systems for the separation of compounds in experimental samples. The basic setup of this system consists of pumps, pressure controller, column(s), and detector, all directed by a system controller. Each of these components are highly variable and can be interchanged at the operator’s discretion, including the workflow of the system. Such components include those of the Shimadzu 10AD, 10AVP, and 12AH series, to name a few of the series. Analysis can be executed using samples ranging in microgram to milligram quantities while still producing reliable results.

A variety of options for each component means that there are a number of specifications under which the system can function. The choice of pumps, for instance, has a range of performances and requires differing levels of maintenance. As an example, the LC-10AD requires minimal maintenance and creates flow with a pulse-free action, an action not necessarily provided in other models. Pule-free action makes it ideal for sensitive applications, though other options may be better suited for higher throughput applications. Different valve controllers utilize different amounts of rotary valve ports and position valves, though are all important in applications requiring a rotation of multiple columns. Choice of detectors also provides a range of sensitivities in a variety of wavelength ranges, though a majority, like the SPD-10AVP, are in the UV-Vis range.

Item-Specific Notes:
Parts system includes CTO-10A VP column oven, DGU-14A degasser, LC-8A column holder, and accessories as pictured.

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2027647ShimadzuCTO-10A VPChromatographyColumn Oven
2027648ShimadzuDGU-14AChromatographySolvent Degasser
2027649ShimadzuLC-8A Column HolderChromatographyColumn Selector / Switcher