Used Biotek Instruments Synergy H1 Microplate Reader

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The Biotek Synergy H1 is a hybrid, multi-mode microplate reader. Its base system features monochromator optics that work at excitation and emission wavelengths between 230 and 999 nm in 1 nm increments. The Synergy H1’s standard read modes include top and bottom fluorescence, luminescence, and UV-visible absorbance. However, as a hybrid system, its compatible filter module increases read modes with fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, and time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer (TR-FRET).

The Biotek Synergy H1 comes with additional features such as a plate shaking mechanism and temperature control from 4 to 45 degrees Celsius. It supports 6 to 384 well density plates, as well as Biotek’s specialized Take3 micro-volume plate. These built-in features, in addition to the options for customization and optimization, make the Synergy H1 great for a wide variety of microplate applications in life science, research, and educational laboratories.

Item-Specific Notes:
Model H1MFD. Filter cube: ex 360/40, 485/20; em 460/40, 528/20; m 400, 510. Includes computer, Fluid Dispenser and additional accessories as pictured. Includes computer loaded with Gen5 trial software and disc – software license must be purchased by customer through Bio-Tek Instruments.

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2027631Biotek InstrumentsAccessoriesSpectrometer - Plate ReaderAccessory
2027851Biotek InstrumentsSynergy H1 Fluid DispenserSpectrometer - Plate ReaderAccessory
2027850DellOptiplex 960Computer / ITComputer