Used VWR Heat Block 1

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VWR dry block heater / dry bath heater designed for ,multi-purpose use, exceptional temperature uniformity and accuracy, holds 28 interchangeable, modular heating blocks, convenient front-mounted controls,
minimum bench space. These multi-purpose units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions, blood urea nitrogen determinations, melting/boiling points, and a wide variety of other laboratory procedures. High wattage, constant-temperature heaters are economical, versatile, and compact. Accepts up to 28 separate interchangeable blocks, accommodating various tube sizes from 0.25mL micro to 50mL. Each block has a thermometer well. Efficient heater features close tube-and-block contact with a low density design for exceptional temperature uniformity. Temperature set point is easily set and adjusted in 0.1�C increments by pressing up and down arrows located on the front of the unit. Stability is�0.2�C with an accuracy of�2.0�C. Temperature range is 5�C above room temperature to 120�C. Stability is dependent on room environment when using near ambient temperatures.
All 120V units are UL and C-UL listed.
Unit is designed as a dry bath/incubator.