Used Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP High-Speed Cell Sorter System

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The Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP is a high speed cell sorting system that offers the utmost in reliability, performance, and versatility. Featuring state of the art engineering and technology, the open architecture of this platform offers users the benefit of configuration modularity. In this way, the varied requirements of sorting applications can be met. The system is compatible is nearly any flow cytometry laser, including water cooled, free space, and fiber coupled, and filters can be easily changed with the Precision Optical Detector (POD) design. Additionally, the Laser Engine feature of the MoFlo XDP provides expanded wavelength possibilities via a single pinhole.

In conjunction to a high degree of modularity, this instrument also provides users with superior viability, yield, and purity when compared to similar systems. Analysis rates of 100,000 events are standard, as are sort rates as high as 70,000 events per second. This model features improved light collection technology, as well as filter designs that optimize sensitivity. High-end electronics mean that there is zero dead time, digital triggering on any parameter, and a true dynamic range of five decades. These features, in addition to pulse processing capability, mean that the unit provides unmatched linearity. With its innovative design, the MoFlo XDP offers unparalleled sorting ability without compromising performance, flexibility, or biosafety.

Sorting performance is bolstered by the IntelliSort II feature, which provides beadless drop delay determination and monitoring. An Independent Sort Mode is available for each tube, and there is also proven four way sorting for multiple population protocols. Touch screen controls are intuitive for both set up and control, and users can independently control each screen all while accessing real time sort statistics. For optimal safety, this platform features an integrated Aerosol Evacuation System (AES) that effectively rids the sort chamber of aerosols. The probe and sample line are both easily replaceable, and the integrated SmartSampler provides both users and sample during the sample input step.

Item-Specific Notes:
Software includes: Beckman Coulter Summit and Worklist Builder Ver This software is capable of being configured for slides and all standard plates of 384 and smaller, in addition to all combinations of individual wells, rows or columns on the plates. Also loaded is DinoCapture 2.0 Ver 1.3.9.H.

Included lasers: Blue, (488 nm), Red (642 nm)#, Violet (405 nm)#, Green (561 nm)*, Ultraviolet Laser (355 nm)*. # Red and Violets lasers are co-linear, * Green and UV lasers are co-linear. Upgraded in 2012 with Co-lase Tower for 405 and 640 lasers. Nanoveiw from Propel labs with ND 2.0 filter and C6270 detector. Paired with a Walker Biosafety Class II cabinet. This system also includes a SmartSampler, which accommodates tube sizes from 0.5 to 50 mL. A Jun-Air oil less compressor Mod OF302-25MD2 with an ETI reading 2144 hrs.Power requirements: Two (2) Single Gang Duplex, 125 VAC, 20 amp, circuits.


POD #1 (located on the left side of the system):
– 601DSP mirror, 755DLP dichroic mirror, 795/68 filter, H957-23 detector (FL2)
– 505DSP mirror, 530/40 filter, H957-23 detector and 488/10 filter, H957-18 detector (FL1)
– 718DSP mirror, 740 LP filter, H957-23 detector (FL5)
– 650DSP mirror, 670/30, H957-23 and 613/20 filters, H957-23 (FL3)

POD #2 (located at the back of the system):
– 601DSP mirror, 755DLP dichroic mirror, 795/68 filter, H957-23 detector
– 685DLP dichroic mirror, 671/28 filter, H957-23 detector (FL4)
– 722/42 filter, H957-23 detector (FL7)
– Wide Band mirror, 447/60 filter, H957-25 detector (FL10)
– 520/36 filter

POD #3 (located on the right side of the system):
– 642DLP dichroic mirror, 685DLP dichroic mirror, 761/28 filter, no detector
– 563DLP dichroic mirror, 615/20 filter, H957-25 detector (FL9)
– 484DLP dichroic mirror, 447/60 filter, H957-25 detector
– 755DLP dichroic mirror, 722/42 filter, no detector
– 484DLP dichroic mirror, 575/15 filter, 795/68 filter, no detector

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3015747Beckman CoulterMoFlo Optical TableMiscellaneousTable
3015748DellPrecision T3500Computer / ITComputer
3015749DellFlat Screen MonitorComputer / ITMonitor
3015750Jun-AirOF302-25MD2 Oil-Less Compressor PumpAir Pump / Air Compressor
3015751Thermo ElectronHAAKE C 10Water Bath / CirculatorCirculator
3015752Intellipower, Inc.IQ2000V-DI-Isol_PFC-RBHS-IEC-413 On-Line UPSComputer / ITPower Supply - UPS
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