Used Zeiss Observer.Z1 Inverted Fluorescence Research Microscope for Live Cells

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Zeiss Observer.Z1 Research Microscope
List of Objectives:
Pos 1. N-AchroFluar Plane 5x/0.13 Ph0
Pos 2. N-AchroFluar Plane 10x/0.25 Ph1
Pos 3. LD Plane NeoFluar 20x/0.4 Ph2 DICI
Pos 4. LD Plane NeoFluar 40x/0.6 Ph2 DICI
Pos 5. Plane Apochromat 63x/1.4 Oil DICII
Pos 6. Open

– Fully motorized stage with TFT display for controls. Equipped for fluorescence, live cell imaging, and micromanipulation / injection with integrated stage environmental chamber (CO2 and temperature control).

Micromanipulator / Motorized Stage: Eppendorf Femtojet, Eppendorf InjectMan NI 2 controller, Zeiss MCU 2008 stage controller

Camera: Zeiss AxioCam MRc, Fujitsu Celsius workstation

Environmental Chamber: Zeiss CO2 Module S, Zeiss TempModule S, Zeiss Heating Unit XL S

Fluorescence: EXFO X-Cite 120 Q source

Reflector cubes that are installed are as follows

1) 14 AF 546
2) 17 AF 488
3} 46 YFP
4) 47 CFP
5) 49 DAPI

Objectives that are installed are as follows

1) N ACHRO PLAN 5X/0.13 PhO
2) N ACHRO PLAN 10X/0.25 Ph1
3) LD PLAN N 20X/0.4 Ph2 DICI
4) LD PLAN N 40X/0.6 Ph2 DICI
5) PLAN APO 63X/1.4 Oil Ph2 DICI

Condenser is a type LD condenser 0.55 Ph1 Ph2 Ph3 DIC DIC 6 position motorized.
Stage is a Scanning stage 120×100 step with LUDL Mac 5000 controller stepper with joystick also has angled plug motor cable.
Objective turret is 6 position motorized
MRM Camera is side mounted on the microscope

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
3014680ZeissPower SupplyMiscellaneousPower Supply
3014672EppendorfInjectMan NI 2MicroscopyMicromanipulator
3014673ZeissAxioCam MRmMicroscopyCamera
3014674FujitsuCelsiusComputer / ITComputer
3014675ZeissHeating Unit XL SMicroscopyAccessory
3014677ZeissTempModule SMicroscopyController
3014676ZeissCO2 Module SMicroscopyController
3014679ZeissMCU 2008MicroscopyController
3014681EXFOX-Cite Series 120 QMicroscopyIlluminator
3014685Wienecke & SinskeJoystick Model, JoyMach4 MicroscopyAccessory