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The Biotek Synergy HT is a multi-mode microplate reader. This instrument is the perfect solution for all absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence measurement needs. This instrument features top and bottom epifluorescence reading modes, it is compatible with Take3 Micro-Volume plates, and it is able to read 6- to 284- well microplate formats. It has a wavelength range from 100 to 999nm using a monochromator for wavelength selection.

Item-Specific Notes:
The Synergy Ht has the hardware and the software(Gen 5) for running fluorescence, absorbance, and luminescence.

he filters installed for absorbance on the instrument are as follows (1)260nm (2) 280nm (3)405nm (4) 450nm (5) 490nm (6) 630nm. The plate has empty cells which can provide a "blank" standard for comparison. The instrument has the following filters installed for excitation of fluorescence samples. (1) 540nm 35 (2) 485nm 20 (3)530nm 25 (4) 590nm20. Emission filters installed are as follows. (1) empty (2)528nm 20 (3)590nm 35 (4) 645nm 40.

Luminescence is also possible with the appropriate emission filters installed

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