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The EasyCyte Mini is a benchtop flow cytometry system by Guava. This PC controlled cell analyzer utilizes microsyringe fluidics technology in conjunction with a 488 nm blue diode laser, forward scatter, and photomultipliers with three filters (yellow/583 nm, red/680 nm, and green/525 nm) for conducting fluorescence detection. With the incorporation of the microsyringe fluidics, the need for sheath fluid and reference beads is negated, reducing waste output to less than 50 ul in a day. Samples are accepted in microcentrifuge tube format, meaning both required sample volume (less than 20 ul) and reagent volumes (a quarter to half as much as standard protocols) are minimized without compromising precise cell counts. For optimum efficiency, the platform is configured with a dual loading feature that allows one sample to be prepped while one is simultaneously analyzed.

Maintenance of the Guava EasyCyte Mini is made fast and practical, with cleaning taking less than two minutes thanks to an automated wash protocol. Additionally, the flow cell is both self-aligning and user replaceable for enhanced ease of maintenance. The unit is highly versatile, with the 488 nm laser enabling the system to accommodate most fluorescent reagents and assays designed for other flow cytometry systems. With intuitive and efficient data management features, productivity is increased. The system also offers optimized turnkey assays, such as cell counting, cell viability, cell toxicity, cell signaling, and cell proliferation. This flow cytometer provides accurate counting technology and reliable results, all while maintaining a compact footprint for the best in cell analyzer efficiency.

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