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From one of the leaders in flow cytometry, the Beckman Coulter Cell Lab Quanta SC is a flow cytometer that integrates Coulter volume with 3 color fluorescence measurements, plus a measurement for side scatter detection for precise fluorescence measurements and size analysis. A high sensitivity photodiode detector collects side light scatter from a cell that is positioned about ninety degrees from the laser beam. The angle makes for the best means of investigating mixed cell populations, particularly with differences in granularity. The Cell Lab Quanta SC also provides microtitre plate and microtube based analysis to make research more time efficient.

Two different light sources are provided with the Cell Lab Quanta SC; a mercury arc lamp and the 488nm solid state laser. The combination of Coulter volume with fluorescence makes it a powerful tool to accurately measure cell volume and and measure fluorescence intensity of up to 3 different fluorescent dyes. Features a MPL (multi-platform loader) that can accommodate 24, 96 or 384 well plate formats for most high-throughput applications. Paired with the AutoSetup capability, sample cups and microcentrifuge tubes can be used on the same system as the 24, 96 or 384 well plates. End users can attribute more time to research with automatic probe washing and automatic sample preparation that includes incubation and dissolves human errors. Cell analysis has never been so convenient and easy with the Cell Lab Quanta SC flow cytometer.

Ideal for applications involving:
– Apoptosis analysis
– ERK phosphorylation
– Plant ploidy analysis
– Stem cell side population analysis
– Cell Cycle
– Immunophenotyping
– Cell viability
– Cell surface markers
– Bacteria populations
– Marine organism identification
– Multiplex immunoassays
– Nuclear packing
– Protein expression

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