Used Caliper Life Sciences LabChip 90

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The Labchip 90 addresses the needs of DNA analysis laboratories that have higher-throughput applications such as preparing DNA fragments for microarray spotting, and DNA clone library quality assessment. Unlike conventional (gel-based) methods of DNA fragment analysis, the Labchip 90 offers exceptional sample-to-sample and run-to-run reproducibility, enabling researchers to compare data collected on different days without tedious and time-consuming efforts to normalize data to account for variations in experimental conditions.

Item-Specific Notes:
Comes with computer. LabChip HT software presents DNA fragment separation data using on-screen electropherograms and gel-simulation displays, and documents DNA fragment sizing and quantitation data in direct digital format, simplifying and speeding up analysis, archiving and retrieval.

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6000420DellOptiPlex GX110Computer / ITComputer
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