Used Matrix PlateMate 96/384 Automated Pipettor

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The Plate Mate, manufactured by Matrix, is an automated pipettor designed for high throughput capabilities. In addition to automation, this instrument is very modular, able to suit the present and future needs of the user. Eight pipetting heads can handle 96-well or 384-well microplates at once. Volumes as low as 0.1 ul can be delivered with high precision. These pipetting heads are interchangeable and can accommodate a wide range of applications requiring varying sizes of pipettes.

Four microplate stages are capable of handling a large amount of microplates, allowing for both variety and volume. Each stage allows any combination of microplates the user may require. Removable plate stackers are also supported for each of these stations. Each stage allows for either 25 or 50 standard or deep-well microplates, respectively. This combination of automation, flexibility, and volume capabilities give the PlateMate the ability to support high throughput screening laboratories. This liquid handler is able to automate the production of assays, circumventing human handling and allowing lab workers to focus their efforts in other, more important areas.