Used Becton Dickinson FACS Vantage

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A fluorescence-activated cell sorter, used for high speed and single cell sorting.

– Integrates standard multi-color fluorescence, multi-laser excitation, and data management capabilities
– Uses up to three independent laser beam spots, up to six fluorescence signals per cell
– Software-assisted instrument setup, uses CellQuest software
– Flexible and modular for upgradability
– Detector Range: 300 to 1100 nm
– Detector Sensitivity: < 1000 molecule equivalent FITC/particle
– Minimum Cell Size: 0.2 microns
– Maximum Analysis Rate: 20000 cells/sec
– Maximum Sort Rate: 7000 cells/sec

Item-Specific Notes:
FacsVantage flow cytometer system is in pieces as shown. Sold for parts, we do not believe this is working. Serial # is SE0384. Laser manufacturer: Melles Griot, Model: 25-LHP-928-249 HeNe Laser, manufacture date, Aug 2007,
Serial # : 3659EU-1.

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3009589CoherentLaserPure 5LaserLaser Module
3009597Alloy ProductsPressure VesselChemistryTank
3009598Alloy ProductsPressure VesselChemistryTank