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The Guava Technologies PCA- 96 is an automated benchtop flow cytometer. This compact system is designed to provide accuracy in cell counting and precise flow cytometry data at high throughputs (from 12 ul per minute to 60 ul per minute). With its ability to screen both 96- well microplates as well as trays of up to ten microcentrifuge tubes (1.2 mL or 1.5 mL) in its integrated tray, the PCA-96 gives added flexibility for numerous applications. Small sample volumes maintain efficiency and preserve samples, and exact cell counts forgo the need for reference beads. The 35.0 cm Height x 40.0 cm Length x 56.25 cm Depth dimensions of this cytometer means it takes up less benchtop space for added practicality.

The system functions using a green excitation laser (Excitation Wavelength of 532 nm) and is compatible with most Guava assays. Relative size is detected via red and yellow bicolor fluorescence with forward scatter, making this unit versatile enough to handle nearly any flow cytometry protocol including but not limited to, cell counting and viability, apoptosis, aging and cancer studies, drug treatment, assay development, and various other screening applications. The PCA-96 is able to provide accurate data for samples with as few as 2,000 cells in suspension, and a waste vial negates the need for sheath fluid meaning that less waste is generated per day (~ < 50 mL). The straightforward user interface adds convenience and avoids the need for extensive training, and a self-aligning, replaceable flow cell minimizes maintenance.

Additional specifications for this unit: Emission wavelengths of 580-583 nm and 675-680 nm; 125 ul sample volume, 10 – 500 cell/ul per assay.

Item-Specific Notes:
PCA-96 Guava cell sorter, 532nm laser, reads 96 well plates. Complete with computer and flow cytometry software, CytoSoft ver. 2.5.4 with the following capabilities listed:

Guava ViaCount
Guava Express
Guava Nexin
Guava MultiCaspase
Guava Cell Cycle
Guava Cell Paint
Guava Cell Toxicity

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