Used Cytomation MoFlo High Performance Cell Sorter

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Manufacturer: Model: MoFlo High Performance Cell SorterSubcategory: Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Complete MoFlo high perfromance cell sorter with 96-well sorting capability and 3 lasers:
Coherent ENTC II – 621, for 488 nm
Coherent I70C – Spectrum, for 520 nm
Coherent I302C for UV wavelengths

Workstation is Summit 3.1 on Windows NT

Components Included

Item ID Manufacturer Model Category Subcategory
2013402CytomationMoFlo High Performance Cell SorterCell Counting / SortingFlow Cytometry
2013403CoherentInnova Power SupplyLaserPower Supply
2013404CoherentInnova Power SupplyLaserPower Supply
2013405CytomationMoFlo Optical BenchMiscellaneousTable
2013406CytomationMoFlo Optical BenchMiscellaneousTable
2013407CytomationAccessoriesCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2013408UnbrandedPCComputer / ITComputer
2013409UnbrandedPCComputer / ITComputer
2013410HaakeK20Water Bath / CirculatorWater Bath
2013411CoherentInnova Power SupplyLaserPower Supply
2013412UnbrandedMonitorComputer / ITMonitor
2013415CoherentLaserLaserLaser Module
2013417CoherentInnova Power SupplyLaserPower Supply
2013418CytomationAccessoriesCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2013419CytomationAccessoriesCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2013420CytomationAccessoriesCell Counting / SortingAccessory
2013388CytomationAccessoriesComputer / ITManual
2013389CytomationAccessoriesCell Counting / SortingAccessory