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The Beckman Coulter EPICS ALTRA is a flow cytometer designed for high performance and speed. It is capable of accommodating a variety of fluorescent dye combinations as it can analyze and sort up to six colors simultaneously while acquiring data on cell sizes. The instrument is able to rapidly sort large quantities of cells and specimen with the help of a sorting speed that allows it to count up to 10,000 events per second. With modifications this rate can be increased up to 30,000 events per second. This high sensitivity is provided by SortSense, a flow cell design that also provides the necessary equipment for carrying out many complex applications. Such applications include a variety of functional studies, cell analyses, and other physiological measurements. These applications make this instrument well suited for a variety of areas, including microbiology, immunobiology, and molecular biology.

A total of eight sorting modes give a variety of sorting and counting options to the operator. These modes provide a range of methods where purity, yield, and counting are all optimized in different weights. Four modes are designed solely for optimizing between the purity and yield for two sorted groups. Three other modes utilize the ALTRASort mixed-mode. Mixed-mode works to isolate a single high purity population from the rest of its population. This becomes valuable when procedures require the use of rare populations. The last mode, AccuSort mode, is best used when attempting to isolate cells for cloning. All of these modes routinely provide a high sorting purity and recovery regardless of the specification of each mode.

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Configured with Coherent Innova 70-C Spectrum tunable laser. Includes computer workstation with Expo32 software. Professionally inspected and de-installed by Beckman Coulter.

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