Used Wallac 1235 AutoDELFIA

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AutoDELFIA is an automatic immunoassay system aimed at larger and medium-sized routine diagnostics or population screening laboratories. It performs all sample and reagent handling as well as all assay stages including measurement automatically. The full system consists of a Plate processor and a Sample processor. The Plate processor performs reagent handling and all assay stages, including measurement. The optional Sample processor performs automatic dilution and pipetting of samples. The Plate processor model, 1235-501, is used for assays with dried blood samples on filter paper in neonatal screening.

With the performance advantages of today’s leading non-isotopic method, the DELFIA system, AutoDELFIA brings the cost-saving, time-saving convenience of full automation. Loading capacity is 432 primary sampling tubes and you can get results for up to 8 different tests from one sample.