Ozone Generator Waste Water Treatment System

General Description

Azcozon Ozone Generators are a part of highly modular systems for the treatment of wastewater. Ozone is an incredibly powerful disinfecting agent, representing the second most powerful sterilant in use. It functions to destroy a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and even serves as a deodorizing agent. Strong oxidizing characteristics make it effective and relatively safe, as most of the ozone will be broken down at the end of the oxidation process. These systems can be applied to decontaminate wastewater from a variety of sources, as well as produce water safe enough to drink. Another use includes wastewater recovery systems where water is produced with high enough oxygen levels to inhibit anaerobic pathogen growth, making these systems well-suited for use in greenhouse environments.

In order to create these waste water treatment systems, a variety of components are necessary. Most important to these systems are the ozone generators. Such instruments include a wide range of ozone production, meaning the generators chosen are solely reliant on the needs of the user. These generators produce ozone by using electrical energy to produce chemical energy. When applied to oxygen input (although this is not the only option for feeding the reaction), this produces ozone. Most generators by Azcozon that produce ozone in the range of 16 - 45 g/hr are based on quartz technology. These generators require a control system to operate. Also required for operation is a combination of injectors, static mixers, and reaction and filter vessels. As previously stated, components are modular and reliant on the needs of the user and the desired application.

Azcozon - Ozone Generator Waste Water Treatment System
Ozone generator for wastewater recovery system.