Autopol VI

General Description

The Autopol VI by Rudolph Research Analytical is an automatic polarimeter ideal for high throughput analytical environments. This system offers phenomenal precision and control, with an accuracy of 0.0003 for low rotation samples of +/- 1 degree Arc. The unit has six standard wavelengths: 365 nm, 405 nm, 436 nm, 546 nm, 589 nm, 633 nm, and includes the TempTrol electronic temperature control system with a heating and cooling range of 15 C to 35 C for added flexibility in meeting the requirements of any application.

Dynamic communication capability makes both data storage as well as troubleshooting practical, and the validation and calibration tools ensure accuracy and reproducibility by monitoring the system’s performance. The intuitive interface and liquid sealed touchscreen make operation and data management user friendly and secure, with the ability to custom design and manage measurement methods for versatility in application.

Rudolph Research Analytical - Autopol VI
Includes TempTrol Temperature Validation Cell and built-in sample measurement probe (Part #A20852), Type 40T TempTrol Polarimeter Sample Cells (Part #40T-5.0-100-2-H), quartz control plate calibration standard, and other accessories as shown in photo.