SC 110

General Description

The Savant SC 110 is a high-capacity, variable speed vac for the rapid evaporation of solvents. It features a three-way temperature switch to set the chamber to ambient temperature, 43 degrees Celsius, or 65 degrees Celsius. The item may be controlled manually or can be automated with an optional controller unit.

Savant - SC 110
Savant - SC 110
Price: $3,999
This item includes a 40-test tube capacity rotor.
Savant - SC 110
Savant SC 110 speed vac system with RVT 4104 refrigerated vapor trap with glass insert, Welch 8115 vacuum pump, and digital vacuum gauge. Includes 3 fixed angle rotors for various tube sizes.
Savant - SC 110
Includes rotor, model number 'RH 40-12.' 120 volts, 60 Hz. Working volume 4.0 mL, 40 holes, 1.5-2.0 (12x75mm)