General Description

The CEM Discover Microwave Synthesis System is ideally suited for small groups of chemists or individuals looking for an efficient way to carry out microwave-assisted reactions. The Discover system is built to provide flexibility in use as well as consistent results via its single-mode design, while the Explorer-24 component provides automation and ease of use.

Consistency and accuracy is delivered by Focused Microwave Technology. This single-mode design creates a constant field of power to the sample, ensuring a homogenized field and environment to all samples used. This power can be adjusted from 0 to 300 watts, and can be adjusted in 1 watt increments. During operation, “self-tuning” capability eliminates the need for manual adjustments, as it automatically adjusts to provide samples with the ideal amount of energy. A 4-line x 20-character display allows for the programming of reactions as well as permitting alterations during operation.

Flexibility is provided by a single-mode, 300ml cavity: the largest on the market. With such a space, the Discover can run vessels ranging all the way to 125 ml round-bottom flasks for atmospheric conditions. For elevated pressure and temperature (maxing out at 300psi and 300 C, respectively), 10mL vessels are recommended. This system’s total footprint is approximately 15”(W) x 21”(D) x 27”(H).

The addition of an Explorer-24 Automated Reactor allows for the automation of the system. The Explorer allows the Discover system to run multiple reactions while unattended by the user. It comes with a 24-place reaction deck with 4 independent autosampler racks for holding 10mL vessels. The addition of this to the Discover system makes the whole instrument an affordable solution for small academic and research groups.

CEM - Discover
CEM - Discover
CEM - Discover
Explorer 24 microwave synthesis machine for 10 ml vessels