Biomek 3000

General Description

The Biomek 3000 by Beckman Coulter is an automated liquid handling workstation that offers versatility as well as efficiency. This multifaceted instrument is sized for benchtop usage, and the modular configuration provides the infrastructure needed to adapt to new and evolving applications. The system is a standalone unit designed to integrate with a collection of tools that provide distinct operations for a variety of protocols, such as plate transfer, liquid dispensing, and washing. Intuitive software allows for the collection of real-time data and the generation of new experimental methods. With this dynamic platform, users are provided with a modifiable foundation for applications like genomic DNA purification, PCR and sequencing reaction setup and cleanup, plasmid purification, and detection assays.

Beckman Coulter - Biomek 3000
Includes computer/software, tools, and accessories as pictured. Set of (5) Pipette tools for Biomek 3000 1) Biomek 3000 P20 Tool 2) Biomek 3000 P200L Tool 3) Biomek 3000 P1000L Tool 4) Biomek 3000 MP20 Tool 5) Biomek 3000 MP200 Tool Plus alignment tool.
Beckman Coulter - Biomek 3000
Includes Gripper, P20, MP20, MP200, P1000L and calibration tools and software.
Beckman Coulter - Biomek 3000
Includes Gripper, MP200, P200L, calibration tools and FX software.
Beckman Coulter - Biomek 3000
Includes Gripper, P1000L, MP200, P20, manuals, computer and software.
Beckman Coulter - Biomek 3000
Complete BIOMEK 3000 with side platform extensions. Comes with alignment tool and the tools P20 and MP200 as well as the tool holder. The plate holders (labware or alps) in the picture are included as well. Computer comes with Biomek Software Ver. 2.12.0
Beckman Coulter - Biomek 3000
Price: $3,999