Multiprobe II EX

General Description

The Packard MultiProbe II HT EX Automated Liquid Handler is a robotic liquid dispenser that provides flexibility and functionality in sample preparation for applications in a variety of disciplines. This automated liquid handling system offers high throughput dispensing via eight tips that enable pipetting into a combination of reservoirs including microplates, vials, tubes, and numerous other reagent containers. With its VersaTip PLUS probe design, the unit has the ability to alternate between fixed tips and disposable pipet tips in a single assay, maximizing versatility and efficiency.

The expanded deck size of the MultiProbe II HT EX has the capacity to accommodate up to 32 microplate tiles, and the eight sampling probes possess the capability to perform independent, height-mediated liquid detection at volumes as low as 50 ul in microplate wells. With the Verispan feature, each of the eight probes also has the ability to move autonomously within a spacing range of 9 mm to 40 mm, which provides for the use of multiple types of reagent containers. An assortment of tips and dispensing options allows the Packard MultiProbe II HT EX to aliquot from volumes of 100 nL and higher, with fixed, reusable tips that are comprised of a washable, Teflon-coated stainless steel.

The practical WinPREP applications software maintains simplicity with its visual drag and drop interface, perfect for designing and optimizing experimental protocols. This system can also be integrated with additional modules, making it ideal for those conducting hits reformatting assays, phase and DNA/nucleic extraction, metabolic studies, vacuum extraction, and various other assays performed in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research applications.

Packard - Multiprobe II EX
- 4-channel dispensing head, 32-position deck