In-Line Degasser AF

General Description

An automatic, continuous in-line degasser used to removed dissolved gases from samples, designed for membrane degassing of HPLC mobile phases.

- Provides lower drift, pressure fluctuation, and baseline noise for HPLC analysis
- Supports up to four independent fluid channels in separate vacuum chambers
- Zero hysteresis/constant-run vacuum pump with stepper motor
- Cycles between high-speed and low-speed operation to enable rapid vacuum and eluent equilibration

- Typical Operation Flow Range: 200 µL/min to 5 mL/min
- Pressure Drop Across One Channel: <0.08 psi (0.55 kPa) at 1 mL/min. Milli-Q water, STP
- Eluent Connections: 1/4-28 reversed ferrule fittings
- Maximum Pressure: 10 psi

Waters - In-Line Degasser AF
Waters - In-Line Degasser AF
Waters - In-Line Degasser AF