General Description

The Genetix QBot is a robotic system designed for high throughput colony picking and library construction. With the aid of a black and white camera, colonies are selected for analysis by custom software. This program evaluates colony parameters such as shape, size, roundness, and color (based on greyscale) for reliability in picking. If necessary, colonies can be manually selected or deselected with the software based on user discretion. In order to optimize picking speed while simultaneously eradicating cross contamination, the QBot utilizes a 96- pin picking head assembly. This technology enables the unit to select colonies at a rate of nearly 4,000 colonies per hour where they can subsequently be inoculated into prefilled well plates (96-, 384- well format as well as deep well 96- and 384 plates). For maintaining superior accuracy, the picking head is automatically cleaned and sterilized in (up to) three ethanol wash baths prior to the following cycle.

This instrument provides a versatile platform for numerous applications, including gridding, replicating, rearraying, microarraying, and liquid handling. For gridding, samples (in either 96- or 384- well microplates) are arrayed at high density onto square nylon filters (22.2 cm x 22.2 cm). For replication investigations, multiple plate copies can be made (96 to 96 or 384 to 384) and plates can also be expanded or compressed. In rearraying protocols, specific samples can be picked from 96- or 384- well source plates and reorded in destination plates. Data from these experiments can be imported or exported and is compatible with all standard database formats. In addition to these applications, the QBot can also be used for microarraying samples from 96- or 384- well plates onto glass slides; high pressure washing ensures that sample carryover is negated between procedures. Lastly, this system is capable of performing liquid handling protocols via the 96- channel dispensing head which can be fitted with disposable plastic tips.

Dimensions for this system are 1970 mm (H) x 2040 mm (W) x 1600 mm (D).

Genetix - Q-Bot
- Quad-function robotic pin-style colony picking, microarray printing, gridding, and replicating
Contained system with enclosure/hood
Standard features and dimensions