EnVision 2102 Multilabel Reader

General Description

Perkin Elmer's EnVision 2102 multilabel reader with label-specific optical mirror modules provide superior detection sensitivity and measurement speed. Depending on configuration, it can read all nonisotopic detection technologies: AlphaScreen technology; fluorescence intensity; fluorescence polarization, including PerkinElmer [FP]2 technology; time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), including PerkinElmer DELFIA, LANCE and TruPoint technologies; luminescence, including glow, flash and dual luminescence; and absorbance. The add-on EnVision temperature control is ideal for cellular and enzyme kinetic assays, which require a defined temperature range.

Perkin Elmer - EnVision 2102 Multilabel Reader
EnVision Multilabel Reader 2102-0020 and includes computer loaded with Envision software version 1.08. Includes Perkin Elmer Filters: Emission: 207 M460 Name: Umbelliferone 460 206 M535 Name: FITC 535 Excitation: 102 X485 Name: FITC 485 302 P405 Name: Photometric 405 103 X355 Name: Umbelliferone 355 Additional Omega Optical filters XF3027 555DF27 x 3 400LFRED/EX
Perkin Elmer - EnVision 2102 Multilabel Reader
Price: $6,500