Cytomat 6001

General Description

The Kendro Hereaus cytomat 6001, with 7.8 cu. ft. volume, is equipped with an automatic start-up function called auto-start. It also offers the unique auto-zero function, a patented self-balancing CO2 control system that ensures constant, long-term stability of CO2 levels and in turn more stabile pH values in the culture media which is important for cell-based assays. It is a HTS incubator with Plate Shuttle system. Temperature range: +10�C to 50�C, with thermostat; Humidity: > 90 %RH; CO2 Control: 0 - 20 %; Capacity: 189 microplates for 96 or 384 well-plates; Access Time: 35 s; Automatic Access Door W/H: 7.9/5.1 inch

Kendro - Cytomat 6001
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Kendro - Cytomat 6001 Heraeus
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