General Description

A table top blister pack machine used to seal products in flexible foil, composite aluminum, or plastic foil, designed for R&D laboratory applications.

- 184 x 119 mm area forming size for both thermo-forming and cold-forming tools
- HMI touch screen panel for setting process dependent parameters, force, temperature and time
- Short set-up times with automatic tool recognition system, automatic program selection, simple and easy parameter set-up, and rapid format tool change function
- Meets with current GMP requirements

- Output: bis 300/hour
- Max Blister Size: 184 x 119 mm
- Max Deep Draw: 20 mm
- Closing Force: 24 to 46kN / by 6 bar
- Drive System: Hydro/pneumatic
- Compatible Foils: PVC, PVDC, PE, Aclar, PP, PET, COC, ALU

Rohrer - R550
Table Top Blister pack machine Rohrer- R550. The R550 table top blister machines, type PRO/STD/SERVO have been specially developed for R & D lab applications. High quality blister packaging can be achieved using the R550 for various types of flexible foils. All tools can be easily and quickly exchanged and are equipped with an automatic docking system for utilityconnections. Both thermo-forming and cold-forming tools have the same forming area size: 184 x 119mm. All process dependent parameters, force, temperature and time are set up on the HMI touch-screen panel, which provides the operator with a fast and efficient packaging development tool, with results compatible with production machines. Various special features are available optionally through the manufacturer to simplify and provide safe operation with operator protection. These include the pull-out sliding table for lower basic-tools, and the unique combined Sealing & Punch cutting tool which attribute to the customer�s added value. Two Binders include: Operating Instructions for Rohrer Blister Pouch Press with Internal Tabs for three different Operations: 1) Cold Forming 2) Fill & Seal 3) Cutting Second Binder is extensive R550 Standard Manual, includes CE Declaration of Conformity, Technical Data and Schematics: Assembly Drawings, Format Drawings, Electric Diagram, Pnuematic diagram, calibrations records and spare parts lists, etc.